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Hot off the Press - New Challenge Coins!!! and Jessica Cheney Scholarship deadline

This is an accurate depiction of what my face looked like when our new coins came in - I would say I've been patiently waiting, but realistically, I've been pretty impatient.

When the discussion began of designing a new challenge coin, the first question that came to mind was how to get our members involved in the design of it. Immediately following that discussion, we put a post out to our members to ask what ONE word defines MAAWLE to you. The list was long, inspiring, and put a smile on our faces. That's how this image was born:

Paired with that, we have our very own MAAWLE Color Guard marching out on the Oriole's field to present the colors at a game. That image is surrounded by each state we are represented by, just as we surround and support each other. Buy one now in our store - it makes a great gift for the holidays!!!

Beyond the new challenge coins, please don't forget you have until January 1st to apply for the $1,000 Jessica Cheney Scholarship!!!!! Apply now:

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