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Jessica Cheney Scholarship


Born September 15, 1974 in Bristol, Pennsylvania, Jessica Jean Cheney moved quite often as

a child since Jessica’s father was active duty military. Her travels included Guantanamo Bay Cuba,

Argentina, Newfoundland, and Canada. After settling in King William County, Virginia in 1984, she set her goals on becoming an astronaut. Several years later, after learning that astronauts needed to have an excellent education in Math and Science, her goals were adjusted. Jessica decided to become a Virginia State Trooper.

While in High School, Jessica took the opportunity to attend the Junior Law Cadet Program sponsored by the American Legion and the Virginia State Police Training Academy. It is a mini academy for High School Juniors to experience what their future will be like if they intend on becoming a Trooper. She thrived in this school and went on to become the first participant in the history of the law cadets to return to the Virginia State Police Academy and graduate as a Trooper on June 14, 1996. At the time, she was the youngest female ever to graduate and serve as a Virginia State Trooper. During most of her tour of duty Trooper Cheney was the youngest trooper serving in the State of Virginia.

Trooper Cheney was assigned to Area Five in the Culpeper Division. This included the counties of Stafford and Spotsylvania and the City of Fredericksburg. She was assigned to Stafford County and remained there until her accident on January 17, 1998. Colonel M. Wayne Huggins officially retired her badge (Number 980). Her badge was the first to be officially retired by Virginia State Police.

This Scholarship is a way to keep Jessica’s ideals and goals alive. Her life may have been cut short but she was planning on returning to college to earn a Bachelor’s degree and then a Master’s Degree. Through the winners of the scholarship, her dreams and goals are alive and thriving.


There will be two opportunities per calendar year for the scholarship at $1000 each.  The new deadlines are January 1st and June 30th of each calendar year.

Previous scholarship winners can reapply for future opportunities by completing the application process in full.

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