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Miles For MAAWLE

This is a four-week, 28-day challenge to walk or run 50, 100 or 150 miles. You set your goal and log the miles you run/walk. Report your miles each week via email and we will keep the totals!

  • 50 miles is about 12.5 miles per week.

  • 100 miles is about 25 miles per week.

  • 150 miles is about 37.5 miles per week.

    Use your regular runs/walks to accumulate miles. You can use a Fitbit or similar device to track all of your miles throughout the day – every mile counts! (YES – grocery shopping, walking the dog or simply cleaning your house!)


    The challenge begins on Saturday February 18th, 2023, and concludes on Saturday March 18th, 2023. Access registration form HERE

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