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Membership Information

To be eligible to be a member of the Mid-Atlantic Association of Women in Law Enforcement, you must meet one of the following criteria:


All full-time law enforcement officers with the power of arrest who are paid by public funds of any municipality, county, state, federal, or US territories are eligible for active membership in this organization. Members in good standing, after retirement from active duty, have the privilege of continuing as active members by payment of annual dues. If any active member chooses to disassociate from the law enforcement and has a minimum of five (5) years active law enforcement experience, said member may petition the membership to remain an active member. Nothing in these provisions shall be construed to exclude from active membership any person already having the status of active member as of the date of adoption of this Constitution.

(Cost of Active Membership is currently $25.00)



All full-time law enforcement officers who are eligible for membership as an active member may pay a one-time fee of $125.00 for a lifetime membership. They will maintain the same rights, duties, privileges, and responsibilities as an active member.



All part-time law enforcement officers paid by public funds, and any individual who by training, education, experience or other professional attainments in law enforcement work, as determined by the Membership Committee, including those employed in other areas of police work, may become associate members of this organization. Associate members shall have all the privileges of active membership except that of holding office. (Cost of Associate Membership is currently $25.00)



All Associate members are eligible to pay a one-time fee of $125.00 for a lifetime membership. Lifetime associate members will maintain the same rights, duties, privileges as active members except those holding office and voting.



Any individual who is interested in fostering the aims and objectives of the organization may, upon payment of an annual fee of $75.00, become a sustaining member. Sustaining members shall have the same rights and privileges as active members except those holding office and voting.



Persons of distinction whose vocations and interests are similar to women in law enforcement, upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors at a regular meeting of the organization, may be elected to honorary membership by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) majority of a quorum consisting of 10 Percent of the membership. Applications for honorary membership shall be submitted to the Board of Directors. Honorary members shall have all the rights and privileges of active members except those of holding office and voting and shall be exempt from paying dues. 



Any part-time or full time non-sworn law enforcement officer, pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice or the institution's equivalent to a Criminal Justice degree is eligible to be a member with the status of associate member for $10.00 a year. The prospective member must present a current, valid student identification and a college or university transcript confirming the course of study.


Membership must be renewed by December 31st of each year to qualify a member

to vote at the annual business meeting and to seek office.

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