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Leadership Panel, Golf Outing, and Countdown to Annapolis!!!

Congrats on all the recent promotions and great things outside of our careers as well! Thank you for posting on the MAAWLE Facebook page and letting us all celebrate your accomplishments, from intense calls at work to athletic events to volunteer efforts with amazing non-profits. We celebrate you, today, and always.

Please check out two of the opportunities below and sign up to join us! If you have any ideas for potential training sessions in the future, please comment below or email me at


Not that I'm counting, but we have 76 days until Annapolis 💃🏻 what better way to start a conference off than with a golf outing?? I am AWFUL at it, but everything with you ladies is better and this is a great way to get to catch up with people we already know - and to meet new people! Sign up soon to secure your spot. I haven't been recruited yet, so if anyone wants an Irish girl with a Polish name and a surprisingly good attitude for a loser, I'm your woman!


What are you most looking forward to related to MAAWLE? Check out the prospective agenda below 🤗

MAAWLE 2023.docx (1)
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