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140 days until Annapolis!

While SOME of us (me) spent our Sunday doing yard work, others finished The Campagnolo Gran Fondo San Diego (Vickie) and rode over 100 miles on her bicycle! Some of you worked, and some of you spent time with family. For me, Spring has historically represented loss, grief, and change. Fall usually brought better times for me, like job offers, apple cider donuts (clearly to eat my feelings), and family. This year, I am seeing the beauty in Spring. After a tough winter, I am embracing new life, the growth, and a sense of hope. That's definitely not where everyone is right now, and I thought this could be helpful to share - that it's okay to be right where you are right now - AND you have a team of ladies across the Mid-Atlantic region to support you through it all.

No matter how you spent your day, or how this season is feeling for you, I want to let you know we, as a board, can't wait to see you in 140 days in Annapolis! If you haven't registered yet, reserve your spot now... And if you are registered, send this link to a friend so they can ensure they can join us before we are sold out.

We had two of our esteemed MAAWLE members attend the 2023 NAWLEE conference, which they will report on in Annapolis. We thank them for attending and representing our organization! They have not released 2024 dates, but for future reference, there is a digital application to be considered for the NAWLEE Scholarship -

June 30th is our next cutoff to apply for a $1,000 Jessica Cheney scholarship - apply here!

Last but not least, if you, your department, or a friend/colleague could benefit from some financial assistance for the 2023 MAAWLE Conference, please fill out the online Conference registration scholarship application here -

Feel free to drop a comment below about how you spent your Sunday and/or what you are most looking forward to about Annapolis!

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