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Scholarships, job postings, and NAWLEE news

Jessica Cheney Scholarship

A warm, supportive congratulations to 1st Lt. Jamilah Dalton, Supervisor for the Fairfax County Sheriff's Office. Lt. Dalton is our most recent recipient of the Jessica Cheney Scholarship and we are always so proud of our members that continue their education and growth. The Cheney family is also so honored to see Jessica's legacy live on through our members and through this scholarship.

Our next deadline is June 30, 2023 - so make sure your applications are in or encourage a MAAWLE friend to put in for it!


NAWLEE Conference Registration Scholarship

Our very own Deputy First Class Amber Owens and Corporal Amber Frantz were selected as the recipients for the NAWLEE Conference Registration Scholarship for 2023. We were impressed by the applications this year and are excited to hear the presentation at the MAAWLE conference in Annapolis.


When will we see you?!

We have the Female Enforcer Training quickly approaching:

For those of us unable to attend the Female Enforcer Training, we hope to see you at the 2023 conference in Annapolis! Anyone been there before? Comment below and let us know what you loved about it.


Job Opportunities

We have a few departments hiring in Pennsylvania, and I'm sure many other departments are hiring as well. Feel free to check out these job listings below and post information in the comment section if your department is hiring too!


Anything else you want us to know? Promotions? Retirement? Let us know in the comments so we can celebrate with you!!! Also, for those of you who don't have it yet, download Spaces by Wix so you get the most current announcements for all things MAAWLE related:

See you all soon,


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Another job opportunity!!

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